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Fable-The Little Mouse

Orientation :
Who/what ?
Once upon a time there was a Baby mouse and Mother mouse.

Where ?
They lived in a hole in the skirting board in a big, warm house with lots of cheese to eat, where they wanted for nothing.

When ?
One day.

Complication :
What happened one day ?
Mother mouse decided to take Baby mouse outside of their home. Waiting outside for them was a huge ginger tomcat, licking it’s lips and waiting to eat them both up.

Resolution :
What happened then ?
“Mother! Mother! What should we do?” Cried Baby mouse clinging to his mother’s tail.

Complication :
And then ?
Mother mouse paused, staring up into the beady eyes of the hungry cat. But she wasn’t scared because she knew exactly how to deal with big, scary cats.

Resolution :
What happened next ?
She opened her mouth and took a deep breath. “Woof! Woof! Bark bark bark!” She shouted.

Re-orentation :
What is the end of the story ?
The cat ran away as fast as he could.
“Wow,mother! That was amazing!” Baby mouse said to his mother,swiling happy. And that,my child, is why it is always best to have a second language.

How is the ending ?
Then they could go outside of their house.

Happy or sad ?
Happy ending.

Moral : it’s always good to have a second language.




I want to be RICH person…

I forget, that LIFE is WEALTH.


I’m afraid to GIVE…

I forget, that everything I have is GIFT.


I wanna be the STRONGEST…

I forget, that in every WEAKNESS God gives me POWER.


I’m afraid to be loss…

I forget, that MY LIFE is a FORTUNE, because it is His Grace.

Obviously this life is very beautiful, when we always grateful to God.

It is not because today is beautiful we are happy, but because we are happy… so today is beautiful.

It is not because no obstacles we are to be optimis, but because we are optimis… so the obstacles is nothing.

it is not because easy we are sure we can, but because we are sure we can…so everything is easy.

It is not because everything is fine we smile, but because we smile…so everything is fine.

There is no hard day except we make it hard.

If we can’t be a Highway, it is enough to be a footpath which can be the way for other people.

If we can’t be the Sun, it is enough to be a candle which brighten around us.

If we can’t do something to everyone, it is enough to pray for them.



Life is always covered by many layers.

We only see the outer layers and do not know inside .

We are always fooled by the beauty outside and do not know the reality inside.

Indeed all families have problems.

Everyone has story of happiness and sadness.

That’s the essence of life.

Do not gossip about people’s problems.

Actually anyone doesn’t want to run into problems, but humans do not escape from the problem.

Do not complain because of the problems.
Understand every meaning behind all the problems, all problems will make your life meaningful!

Do not compare your life with others people life, because their life are not necessarily happier than us.

Like the characteristics of egg, having hard skin and liqiud inside.

But, after the egg was boiled, the situation is reversed.
The inside changes to be hard, and the outer changes to be tender.

We hurt in order to be mature.

We can fail, so that we can learn.

Because, often, the best learning is through suffering and pain.

Always remember…

If you want to see the beautiful rainbow, you have to be strong and survive in heavy rain and storms.

KEEP SPIRIT and ALWAYS SMILE…whatever your heart condition now!




Illustration of wonderful life

A doctor is in hurry entering to the operation room. A father of a son who will be operated comes to him “why do you come so late? Don’t you know my son’s soul is in danger if you don’t operate him soon?” said father

The doctor smiles,”sorry, i’m not at hospital at the time, but i go to here soon after hospital’s staff call me.”

Then he goes to the operation room, after few hours he goes out with smile in his face, “your son is stable now.” Without waiting the father answer’s, doctor says “nurse will help you if you have question.”doctor goes away.

“Why is then the doctor so arrogant? He should give explanation about my son!”said father to the nurse.

Expelling tears the nurse answer,”the doctor son’s was died in accident yesterday afternoon, he was burying his son when we called him to operate your son. Now your son is safe, and he can go home to mourn again.”

Understanding each soul around us keeping unimaginable life story.

There are tears behind very smile..
There is affection behind anger..
There is sacrifice behind ignorance..
There is hope behind hurt..
There is dissapointed behind laugh..

Hopefully giving advantage, so we can be human with wide understanding and gratefull on what God have given in this life to us.

REMEMBER, we are not the only human with lots of problems.

Keep smiling..
Smile can wash every sorrow..
Forgiveness can heal all hurts..



Don’t underestimate your self! God gives you life is not because you need it. But, because someone needs you.

Ignore them who insult or mock you, who you are only you  know it, not them. Be the best is more important than to be the first.!!

Don’t too depend on someone, because you’re stronger than you think, just sometimes you don’t believe it!

Don’t run away from your problems, they will always come to you. The one that you have to do is how to solve it.

Don’t underestimate yourself, because you were born with many talents, USE IT. They are the bridge to reach your happiness!

Something which starts with kindness will produce happiness. But if the result isn’t good, it isn’t the end.

Jealousy and envious will harm you and only give you disadvantages. Spare your time to grateful to God for everything you have. You are the best with your own way.

Life always has many things to make you fall down. But, one thing that really make you fall down is your own behavior.

Don’t ever think that you are nothing, because you will never know, that there is someone is thinking that you are everything for him or her.

Ignore them who hate you because they are just jealous with your good personality. Ignore them and keep going!

Don’t ever underestimate yourself. If you aren’t happy with your life now, introspection is the best thing you have to do and try to be better.

I’m not proud with my mistakes, but I’m proud because I can learn from my mistakes.

Everyone have strengths and weaknesses but if you can’t appreciate your weakness, you can’t appreciate yourself.

Don’t think you are the only one who are the best, the right, and the most honor. REMEMBER THAT ABOVE THE SKY STILL THERE IS A SKY.



FAILURE? It is not my reason for me to give up.


FAILURE.. It doesn’t mean i am failed. But it means I have found the wrong way to do something.

FAILURE.. it doesn’t mean I have done something in vain. But it means I have been brave to try.

FAILURE.. It doesn’t mean I don’t have ability in my life. But it means I must do it with another way.

FAILURE.. It doesn’t mean i am an inferior. But it means i am not perfect.

FAILURE.. It doesn’t mean i waste my time. But it means I have reason to try again.

FAILURE.. It doesn’t mean i must give up. But it means i must try harder.

FAILURE.. It doesn’t mean i am not succesfull. But it means I need more patience.

FAILURE.. It doesn’t mean I had been embarrassed. But it means I had examine my bravery.

FAILURE.. It doesn’t mean i must suicide. But it means I must be grateful because God gives chance for us to fix our selves.

Someone is not lose until she/he gives up.

Someone is not end until she/he stops.



Hello friends..

I want to tell you little about this life..

Do you know? Life is an experience. Many things we must pass through in this life. Sometimes we fall and failed,the make us think that this life isn’t fair.

Do we know? Actually that make our life is meaningless is ourselves. Many things in this life will make us cry and give up. But there are more things will make us be more meaningfull.

Then,isn’t a small number of people to inspire both their selves and others.

So,stress with your life? READ THIS ! :))