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April 26, 2013

If hearing ‘trash’ absolutely the first appearing in our mind are ‘dirty’ and ‘smell’. Yups, those are words which can describe trash.
At present, trash distrubs environment cleanliness more and more, often we meet trash everywhere. Sure, we have already known trash can produces disease, such as Malaria.
Many students get Malaria when they are at school. We have known teenagers today are very lazy to throw trash in trashbin. Often we find teenagers throw trash everywhere.
We can’t imagine if about 1500 students in one school don’t throw trash in trashbin, what will happen ? All students will not be at school because of sick. Yeah, that’s why in every school must have cleaning service staffs who clean environment to avoid diseases.
Actually, if we notice accurately, many things can be done by students to keep school cleanliness. But, sure to reach those things, need students awareness.

Many ways to manage trash around the school.
1. Giving interesting announcement about not to throw trash everywhere.

2. Giving punishment to students who throw trash everywhere.

3. Adding trashbin in the school so students are not lazy to walk far to throw trash.

4. Seperating dry, wet, fragile or chemical trash.

5. Inviting or giving duty to students to manage trash to be something worth.

6. Directing students to sell wet trash to trash collecting which will change trash to be alternative energy.

From these things above, sure we will get mant advantages, such as increasing students awarness on the importance of health and cleanliness, increasing students creativity in producing something from trash, the students can earn their own money from those little things above.





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