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Attention and Love

April 6, 2013

Recently, there many news about house violence, and there are many divorces because of that. This is also happening to young mother who just married a year ago, but his husband was very rude and never cared to her. One day, she decided to leave her husband and want to divorce, but her friends gave her an advice to see a paranormal that’s popular to solve house problem and could make couple that want to divorce back in harmony.
One day, the young mother was curious to see the paranormal. “Who knows he can give solution for my marriage,”the young mother thought.
Arriving at paranormal’s house, the woman explained her will, “Sir, can you help me to change my rude husband to be a good husband who loves me much.”
“Sure, if you can fulfill my condition,”answered the paranormal.
“What’s that?”asked the woman.
“You must search a tiger’s mustache which is still alive,”said the paranormal firmly.
“How can I get it? Is there easier condition?”the woman offered.
“A tiger’s mustache is a must, if you want to save your marriage.”said the paranormal clearly.
Although haunted by fear, at last she dared to go to jungle. Arriving in the middle if the jungle, she heard tiger’s roaring from far, but she didn’t dare to close because she was afraid to be pounced by the king of the jungle.
The next day, she tried to come to the jungle again, but this time she brought a roasted chicken to be given to the tiger as bait. Smelling roasted chicken, the tiger got out from its hiding place, but the young woman ran away again although that the tiger was not as cruel as yesterday.
In the next day, the young woman brought more food to the king of jungle, and with those food, she was success to seduce the tiger in order she might pluck a piece of its mustache to be requirements of her harmonious marriage.
After success in getting a tiger’s mustache, the woman ran soon to the paranormal to dun the paranormal’s promise. “Sir, I have brought a tiger’s mustache. Now where is the requirement which will you give to me?”asked the young woman curiously.
“What requirements do you want, if the cruel tiger you can defeat, more over just your husband”answered the paranormal smiling.

Attention and love are the powerful weapons the world, because in this world there is only one type of human, that is human who needs attention and love.



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