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Is there God ?

Maret 23, 2013

There is an inspirative story about the existence of God which is told by someone. In that story there was a man who went to barbershop.
While shaving his hair, the barber asked a question to the man casually. “Sir, do you believe in God?”asked the barber which meant to ammuse and to throw his customers’s boring away.
“Of course. No doubt again. I believe in God who creates humans and other creatures”answered the man.
“I don’t believe in God,sir.”said the barber. “Why you don’t believe in God? Do you have bitter experience with God?”asked the customer curiously.
Before answering that question, the barber asked him to turn to the window where the beggar searched the remains of food in trashbin.
“Look at the beggar!”asked the barber, “if God really exist, how can He lets that poor beggar is in starvation. Then, where is the merciful God?”.
The man who is being shaved is rather difficult to answer the explanation of barber which is logic at glance. And, the barber smiled proudly with full of victory because his argument can break his customer’s opinion.
After shaving and paying some money to the barber, the man got up from his seat and walked out. But, suddenly he stopped his steps when he saw a man outside whom is crazy with messy appreance and long haired. The man went back to the barber.
“Sir, I know just now if in this world there is no barber,”said the customer teasing.
“I have finished to shave your hair just now sir, how can you say if there is no barber,”answered the barber disagree.
Before answering, the man asked the barber went outside to see a crazy man who was still standing there.
“If barber exists, why there is a man whose hair is messy like that?”asked the man.
“Ha..ha…ha.. How can you joke like that. That’s not because there is no barber,but the don’t want to come to ask for help to me,”explained the barber.
“Then, what is the defferent with your question about the existence of God?”.

God existenxe is not to be asked or debated, because this can bear quarrel which makes humans far away from God. There is God everywhere. God is in out steps and our breath. To know and feel the presence of God, we just need to open our heart and gratefull on what we belong to.



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