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Maret 15, 2013

Hey guys, I have a story. Happy enjoy it.

A mouse is carrying the remains of food in the kitchen of a house, but suddenly he is suprised by the arriving of a cat. “Meong..meong…meong..”the voice of the cat is frightened and ready to catch him. The mouse runs away to save him self. In his hiding place, the mouse thinks, “Be a cat is better than be a mouse”. Then, he prays to God in order changes him to be a cat.
The merciful God answers his pray. Then the mouse become a cat. Proudly and full of confidence, the cat shows off him self.
But, no longer, when he proud of him self, there is a voice snarls him “Guk..Guk..Guk” then he runs hurriedly from a rude dog which tries to chase him.
Facing what happened just now, the cat appeals again to God in order God changes him to be a dog. The cat is really lucky because God grants again his request. So, with puffing up his chest, the cat which becomes to be a dog, walks around without feeling afraid again.
One day, his boss is a man who likes hunting, asks his dog to go to jungle with him to hunt. In the middle of the jungle which still keeps many wild animals, the dog suddenly hears the loud roar of tiger which makes his guts to be shrunken. The dog runs soon hiding while calling the God. “God,please grant my requests once again. Change me to be a tiger,” asks the dog seriously. God,whom many times grants his request,again hearing the dog grumble and act to help the dog by changing the dog, but this time is not to be a tiger like his wish, but to be mouse again like what he was at the first.
Then, the mouse protest to God. “God,many say that you are the merciful,why this time you don’t grant my wish ?”.
While smiling God answers,”it is useless, I change you to be a tiger if you still have coward mental like a mouse”.
“Hahahaha”the others mouse laugh and mock the mouse which is dreaming to be a tiger.

Be all you can be- be your self, don’t ever dreaming to be other people,like a wise teacher ever says,”no other people clothes fix in your body”.


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