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Fable-The Little Mouse

Maret 8, 2013

Orientation :
Who/what ?
Once upon a time there was a Baby mouse and Mother mouse.

Where ?
They lived in a hole in the skirting board in a big, warm house with lots of cheese to eat, where they wanted for nothing.

When ?
One day.

Complication :
What happened one day ?
Mother mouse decided to take Baby mouse outside of their home. Waiting outside for them was a huge ginger tomcat, licking it’s lips and waiting to eat them both up.

Resolution :
What happened then ?
“Mother! Mother! What should we do?” Cried Baby mouse clinging to his mother’s tail.

Complication :
And then ?
Mother mouse paused, staring up into the beady eyes of the hungry cat. But she wasn’t scared because she knew exactly how to deal with big, scary cats.

Resolution :
What happened next ?
She opened her mouth and took a deep breath. “Woof! Woof! Bark bark bark!” She shouted.

Re-orentation :
What is the end of the story ?
The cat ran away as fast as he could.
“Wow,mother! That was amazing!” Baby mouse said to his mother,swiling happy. And that,my child, is why it is always best to have a second language.

How is the ending ?
Then they could go outside of their house.

Happy or sad ?
Happy ending.

Moral : it’s always good to have a second language.


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