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Februari 1, 2013


I want to be RICH person…

I forget, that LIFE is WEALTH.


I’m afraid to GIVE…

I forget, that everything I have is GIFT.


I wanna be the STRONGEST…

I forget, that in every WEAKNESS God gives me POWER.


I’m afraid to be loss…

I forget, that MY LIFE is a FORTUNE, because it is His Grace.

Obviously this life is very beautiful, when we always grateful to God.

It is not because today is beautiful we are happy, but because we are happy… so today is beautiful.

It is not because no obstacles we are to be optimis, but because we are optimis… so the obstacles is nothing.

it is not because easy we are sure we can, but because we are sure we can…so everything is easy.

It is not because everything is fine we smile, but because we smile…so everything is fine.

There is no hard day except we make it hard.

If we can’t be a Highway, it is enough to be a footpath which can be the way for other people.

If we can’t be the Sun, it is enough to be a candle which brighten around us.

If we can’t do something to everyone, it is enough to pray for them.



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