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Januari 3, 2013

Life is always covered by many layers.

We only see the outer layers and do not know inside .

We are always fooled by the beauty outside and do not know the reality inside.

Indeed all families have problems.

Everyone has story of happiness and sadness.

That’s the essence of life.

Do not gossip about people’s problems.

Actually anyone doesn’t want to run into problems, but humans do not escape from the problem.

Do not complain because of the problems.
Understand every meaning behind all the problems, all problems will make your life meaningful!

Do not compare your life with others people life, because their life are not necessarily happier than us.

Like the characteristics of egg, having hard skin and liqiud inside.

But, after the egg was boiled, the situation is reversed.
The inside changes to be hard, and the outer changes to be tender.

We hurt in order to be mature.

We can fail, so that we can learn.

Because, often, the best learning is through suffering and pain.

Always remember…

If you want to see the beautiful rainbow, you have to be strong and survive in heavy rain and storms.

KEEP SPIRIT and ALWAYS SMILE…whatever your heart condition now!





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