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Illustration of wonderful life

November 2, 2012

A doctor is in hurry entering to the operation room. A father of a son who will be operated comes to him “why do you come so late? Don’t you know my son’s soul is in danger if you don’t operate him soon?” said father

The doctor smiles,”sorry, i’m not at hospital at the time, but i go to here soon after hospital’s staff call me.”

Then he goes to the operation room, after few hours he goes out with smile in his face, “your son is stable now.” Without waiting the father answer’s, doctor says “nurse will help you if you have question.”doctor goes away.

“Why is then the doctor so arrogant? He should give explanation about my son!”said father to the nurse.

Expelling tears the nurse answer,”the doctor son’s was died in accident yesterday afternoon, he was burying his son when we called him to operate your son. Now your son is safe, and he can go home to mourn again.”

Understanding each soul around us keeping unimaginable life story.

There are tears behind very smile..
There is affection behind anger..
There is sacrifice behind ignorance..
There is hope behind hurt..
There is dissapointed behind laugh..

Hopefully giving advantage, so we can be human with wide understanding and gratefull on what God have given in this life to us.

REMEMBER, we are not the only human with lots of problems.

Keep smiling..
Smile can wash every sorrow..
Forgiveness can heal all hurts..



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