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Oktober 6, 2012

Don’t underestimate your self! God gives you life is not because you need it. But, because someone needs you.

Ignore them who insult or mock you, who you are only you  know it, not them. Be the best is more important than to be the first.!!

Don’t too depend on someone, because you’re stronger than you think, just sometimes you don’t believe it!

Don’t run away from your problems, they will always come to you. The one that you have to do is how to solve it.

Don’t underestimate yourself, because you were born with many talents, USE IT. They are the bridge to reach your happiness!

Something which starts with kindness will produce happiness. But if the result isn’t good, it isn’t the end.

Jealousy and envious will harm you and only give you disadvantages. Spare your time to grateful to God for everything you have. You are the best with your own way.

Life always has many things to make you fall down. But, one thing that really make you fall down is your own behavior.

Don’t ever think that you are nothing, because you will never know, that there is someone is thinking that you are everything for him or her.

Ignore them who hate you because they are just jealous with your good personality. Ignore them and keep going!

Don’t ever underestimate yourself. If you aren’t happy with your life now, introspection is the best thing you have to do and try to be better.

I’m not proud with my mistakes, but I’m proud because I can learn from my mistakes.

Everyone have strengths and weaknesses but if you can’t appreciate your weakness, you can’t appreciate yourself.

Don’t think you are the only one who are the best, the right, and the most honor. REMEMBER THAT ABOVE THE SKY STILL THERE IS A SKY.




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